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10 Makeup Tips for Dark-Skinned Women

By Olabisi Ayoade

Dark-skinned women need to take extra care when putting on makeup. They need to carefully select colours and products that do not conflict with their natural beauty.

1. Use primer and moisturizer

The first step to take while preparing your makeup is to apply MOISTURIZER on your face. This is best used on a dark and dry skin type. You can use PRIMER to prepare the skin, giving it something to hold on to so the makeup lasts throughout the day. However, PRIMER is Skippable, unless your makeup has to last through the late night.

2. Pay attention to your eyebrows

It is important that you take your time with this. For a dark-skinned woman, you must ensure that you’re using the RIGHT COLOR OF PENCIL. Do not shade too much, neither should u draw thick lines. Always brush out after drawing the brows. Conceal carefully and use specific colours, e.g, L.A. Girl concealer, chestnut or dark cocoa. Blend well to achieve neat and detailed brows.

3. Eye Shadow: bright colours look better

The first thing to consider before applying eye shadow is “EYE SHADOW PRIMER”. The last thing you want is for your eyeshadow to wear off or crease. The primer enables the shadow to set in and pop out properly It makes the woman look younger and attractive. Look out for your perfect colour. Brighter colours look better on dark women e.g., Purple, Emerald Green, Gold, Bronze, Blue, Grey. These colours will pop out and compliment the skin.

4. Use eyeliner to draw attention to your eyes

Eyeliner is commonly used in a daily makeup routine. It used to define the eye or create the look of a wider or smaller eye. Its primary purpose is to make your eyelashes look lush. It draws attention to the eyes, enhances the eye and makes it brighter. Apply gently inside and on your eyelids so it comes out neat. BLACK GEL LINER is ADVISABLE. It is matte and glides on easily on the skin.

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5. Use Mascara

The use of mascara on natural eyelashes is important. You should pay attention to it. Hold your Mascara Wand and start from the root of your eyelashes. Zigzag your way to get it right to the root of the lash. Mascara lengthens, thickens, darkens and intensifies your natural lashes.

6. Use the right colour of Foundation

In order to choose the perfect colour of foundation, you have to be sure about your undertone. This is the colour from beneath the surface of your skin. The three types of undertone are COOL, WARM, and NEUTRAL.

A cool undertone is more generally associated with skin that has hints of blue, pink or a ruddy red complexion. A warm undertone is more peachy, golden or yellow.

If there is a mixture of both warm and cool hues, or your undertone is the same colour as your actual skin colour then you have a neutral undertone

Application of foundation is an important step. In pursuit of a perfect finish, you can mix two or more shades, one lighter and darker than your natural skin tone. Put a few drops of each on the back of your hand, mix together, and apply some on your chest. If it disappears on your skin then it is perfect for you, don’t forget to also blend into your neck, be sure it matches and then apply all-over in a circular motion with a BRUSH or BEAUTY BLENDER., so it will look and feel melted instead of just sitting on top.

7. Eliminate shine with Powder

The most important reason to use face powder is to help your foundation last longer. If you’re wearing powder over foundation, go slightly lighter. When placing powder over liquids or creams, the powder can turn slightly darker. So, lighter is safer. Powder does two things to your makeup. Firstly, it sets your makeup perfectly, giving a smooth even finish to your complexion. Secondly, it helps to prevent the appearance of shine on the areas most prone to oil In other words, the powder is applied as a finishing touch.

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8. Achieve a sun-kissed glow with Blush and Bronzer

Blush and bronzer are used to emulate a sun-kissed glow. It is a great way to add an attractive, natural-looking glow to your face. A slight touch of blush and Bronzer on your cheekbone is a perfect combo. Who would not love it? Every dark-skinned woman should have this because it looks and feels so radiant.

9. Lipsticks need to be well blended

Choosing a perfect lip colour can be tricky but there are sweet and lovely colours for you. A dark-skinned woman can actually wear almost any colour of lipstick provided they are well blended. However, while using your lipstick, remember that lip liner is important to line your lips. This enables your lips to be more noticeable. These are lip colours that suit you best: Fushia punk, peach, and mauve red.

10. Use Setting Spray

We know it is never easy to keep your makeup looking fresh through to the end of the day. Setting Spray can help with that. It helps soak all of the makeup into your skin. You won’t have that cakey, fake powdery look throughout the day. Setting spray is also known as Fixing Spray. Give it a good shake before spraying. Use setting spray when you’re fully done with your makeup. It is beautiful even when you sweat. So Amazing on dark skin and all skin type.

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