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HOUSE FAIR- Real Estate Event and Social Networking

To promote social-networking and real estate discussion Auctions, distressed sales, raffle draws, discounts & winning

About this Event


Wed- 2nd October, 2019

09:00am Opening remarks by Principal Sponsor


African countries are producing lower growth by historical standards. Nigeria economy, meanwhile, is showing signs of promise under new reformist leadership. They say there are no national property markets, private property markets. But the prospect of changing interest rates and efforts by governments to moderate prices set real-estate markets on edge. With central banks on guard against slower growth and risks to credit, has the cloud over property passed? Location remains paramount, but technology is transforming the landscape. The speaker will examine the outlook for various classes of real estate, and talk about the disruptions that are turning space into a service.

11:45am Day (1) – Unleashing potentials in Housing industry-

The priority of real estate industry players is now to manage risk as new revenue streams open up, helped by new drivers including: Evolving new technology and human behaviour, which is transforming the nature of real estate as an investment. High energy prices, climate change and government regulation are already pushing sustainability up the real estate agenda. The speaker will enlighten the need for investors and owners to improve asset performance and manage the broader range of risks emerging in the industry.

12: 00PM Day (1) Networking Break

13:45pm Day (1) – Road map to Global Resources-

The real estate industry has a whole new cycle to work with over the next 30 years, fostering a lasting, positive impact in each and every built environment. This session will offer food for thought, strategic insights and solution-oriented tools on how to commit responsible practices and employ existing resources optimally to ensure quality of life & investment.

16:00pm Auctions, distressed sales, raffle draws, discounts and winning activities

18:00pm closing remark by corporate sponsor

Thursday- 3rd October, 2019

09:00am Opening remarks by Principal Sponsor

9:45am Day (2) – Hitting the viewpoint-

Demand is strong for everything from shopping sprees, tourism, entertainment, to education, financial services, health care and wellness sanctuaries, and luxury goods. Urbanization also propels demand for better infrastructure and modern living spaces. As emerging economies stabilize at moderate growth rates and mature structurally, how will their growth models become more sustainable and present business and investment opportunities to entrepreneurs and Nigerians in Diaspora?

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11:45am Day (2) – Gaining Credibility with the Next Generation- Lecture by;

Young disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs represent the best of the next generation. These bright stars are engaging, creative and hardworking – some are even impatient to change the world. They bring their passion, smarts and energy to startups and Real estate businesses. They are making their mark and gaining credibility across diverse sectors. How can the leaders of the next generation fulfill their potential to the fullest and sustain their success over a lifetime?

12: 00PM Day (2) Networking Break

13:45pm Day (2) – Building a Winning Trademark-

Brands are like people: they have principles and personality. They display presence, leave a strong impression and communicate clearly. The top winning brands in the world are among the most valuable companies on the planet. What do they do differently and how do they position themselves across diverse markets? In the age of social media, how do brands stay relevant and how do they influence buying decisions? Brand extensions can enhance a brand’s association and visibility, but how to extend one’s brand without running the risk of diminishing its value? Clients now expect brands to lead on corporate social responsibility, but how should companies leverage their expertise to solve the problems housing? Content marketing has become a strategic tool for companies to establish themselves as thought leaders. What are the effective strategies to provide their clients with intellectual enlightenment?

14:00pm Auctions, distressed sales, raffle draws, discounts and winning activities

18:00pm closing remark by Corporate sponsor

Friday- 4th October, 2019

09:00am Opening remarks by Principal Sponsor

9:45am Day (3) – Vision to achieve-

Today’s complex business environment puts CEOs everywhere to the test. They must accelerate their leadership capabilities, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial zeal and creativity to achieve enduring success for their companies. Increasingly, business leaders recognize the importance of having a clear vision, one that is based on core competencies, values and purpose. Merely having a vision is also not enough, execution is Key. When it comes to performance, how best can CEOs conceive and implement vivid visions to generate profits and revenues? Without the support of their teams, CEOs will not progress far. How can they inspire the confidence of their staff using mortgage scheme to maximize their productivity?

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10:30am Day (3) – Looking into the future:

Technology and innovation drive revolutionary chain across the world. Mobility, social media, the cloud and the Internet of things are among the trends that transform the way we live, play and do business. In the coming years, how will the widespread penetration and evolution of feature-rich, smart mobile devices unfold? In what ways will global social networking and user-generated content grow? What’s next for construction technologies that provide sustainable green houses and prefabrication model? What breakthroughs will come from the convergence between the modular Construction and prefabricated building? What opportunities will these and other developments present to entrepreneurs and investors?

11:00pm Day (3) – View from the top-

Every great endeavour, be it in government, business or personal journey, begins with a vision for success. Yet ‘vision’ has become one of the most overused and least understood words in the language. It conjures up different meanings for different people, and that is a risk for leaders and the communities for which they are responsible. A great vision reflects one’s core values and purpose; it motivates teams, and provides strategic guidance for companies and countries to strive toward a better future. How can this be achieved? Observers have also pointed out: A vision without execution is just hallucination. How can leaders turn their profound ideas for business or social change into brilliant realities?

12: 00PM Day (2) Networking Break

14:00pm Auctions, distressed sales, raffle draws, discounts and winning activities

18:00pm closing remark by corporate sponsor

18:00pm Reception, gala dinner and Award session

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