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Digital Voting Summit 2019

A country that sincerely aims for development cannot achieve its aim by non-enthusiastic, passive and non-believing majority of its populace. And the major cause of this lack of interest and trust in anything relating to the ideology of a developed Nigeria, is the lack of trust in the process that produces the leaders who are tasked with leading the nation to its desired destination. A faulty, disorganised, costly, and corrupt electoral system inevitably produces a leadership either not representative of the common Nigerian or one that is a product of being left with little or no choice with some icing of manipulation.

A fundamental and significant reformation of the electoral system is therefore central to restoring Nigeria to a condition where the common man believes he has both a present and a future.

Hence, as a matter of urgency and need, while most believers of a reformed electoral system have gone to sleep until it is too late to act again, Restore Naija developed an initiative starting with an event that seeks to serve as a conversation starter on the importance of and inevitable consequence for having a digitalised electoral system, and beyond being a conversation starter where the concept, need, low cost (in comparison to the existing modus operandi), wide range of benefits, feasibility, and safety of digital voting system, it aims at restoring the faith of the common Nigerian in the electoral system of Nigeria where both their voices and votes will count, increase their enthusiasm, passion and participation in the electoral process in the nation’s polity, and get Nigerians in Diaspora actively involved in the electoral process.

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The aim is to bring together great minds, stakeholders and leaders as well as all believers in this movement and Nigeria, who will undergo a symposium on the issues in question and help partner with Restore Naija in championing or at least significantly support the movement until its noble aim is achieved.

Digital Good Governance For Africa CIC (DIGA)

Organiser of Digital Voting Summit 2019

DIGA CIC is an Abuja & London based Not for Profit organisation consisting of a team of Public policy, civic organisers, entrepreneurs and social advocates which promote and build initiatives from the ground up needed to upgrade the infrastructure of our democracy today.

Our belief is for Citizens to be empowered by the use of Digital Technology and providing digital e-government solutions which reiterate trust in governments built around the protection, autonomy of personal data on the blockchain.

It is important to insist on democracy first and then on the need of fostering it for the 21st Century by way of using the potentials of e-government. As paper-based societies are seen as more inefficient and the world moving towards an increasingly digitalised society. 

​The mission of DIGA is to provide stakeholders in the public and private sector with innovative, dynamic and flexible solutions in the area of e-Government and democracy without compromising the principles of democratic virtues.

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Mon, 18 November 2019

08:00 – 16:30


Transcorp Hilton Hotel

1 Aguiyi Ironsi St, Maitama 900001, Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja, FCT

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