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Ayo Sogunro arrested for meeting with a woman in Abuja

Ayo Sogunro arrested because Shariah law bans ‘suspicious’ meeting with married woman in Abuja

Rights activist, Ayo Sogunro, said the Nigerian police arrested and detained him over the weekend because he, according to the police, had a “suspicious meeting with his friend, a married woman, which is prohibited in Abuja.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Mr Sogunro narrated his ordeal in the hands of the police while thanking Nigerians who stood up, calling for his release.

“When the police arrived at my door, they asked to be let inside. I denied them entrance and told them they had no authority to enter a private space without a warrant or a clear just cause. Instead, they just pushed me aside and made their way in,” Mr Sogunro said.

“On seeing my friend, they asked her to come with them. We both asked why. The police replied that because my friend was a married woman, she should not have been in the hotel with me. I said this was ridiculous. She was a citizen of Nigeria and had a right to meet with anyone.”

Mr Sogunro added that, “the DPO said it was highly suspicious for a married woman to be visiting me and the police were within rights to have intervened and enter my hotel room without all that process.”
Peoples Gazette reported how Nigerian police arrested Mr Sogunro on Friday, detaining him over the weekend.

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The police are yet to make any statement on why Mr Sogunro was arrested and detained.


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