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5 free and cheap date ideas in Abuja


These date ideas can afford you to do something nice and romantic for your partner without breaking the bank.

If it’s not splurge season, you can draw inspiration from these 5 free and cheap date ideas in Abuja.

Abuja is a metropolitan city that has been associated with elite lifestyles. This is why people think it’s impossible to have fun on a budget. There are many date ideas for Abuja but here are just a few.

1. Have a picnic at a park

Jabi lake park is notorious for picnics over the beautiful scenery of the still lake. You can also ride horses, enjoy the speed boat and have a real lunch at Jabi boat club. Only downside is Jabi lake is usually very populated, especially on weekends. Couples are also fond of visiting Millenium park which has more cozy spaces for romance. It is free entry into both parks.

2. Watch a movie at an outdoor cinema

Abuja offers a variety of outdoor cinemas that are cozy and serene, which is a perfect affordable date idea for you and your partner. Sunset Drive is a drive-in cinema that allows you the comfort of sitting in your car and tuning to the station for the movie while watching it on the big screen. You could have the experience and cross it off your bucketlist. Entry is about N1000-N1500.

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3. Go Kayaking

Kayaking in National Stadium can be a very fun experience for you and your partner. On weekdays, entry is N1000 while weekends is N2000.

4. Cycle together

Burning calories together is a good form of bonding. You can rent bicycles for you and your partner from Riverplate park in Central Business District and have a fun time cycling up and down Abuja.

5. Eat suya

Abuja is a town known for its top suya spots. One of them is Yahuza, which has branches all over Abuja. You can have a chill time relaxing time there with your partner enjoying one plate of delicious suya.

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