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Top 6 Businesses You Can Do In Abuja Nigeria

Abuja is home to most Nigerian politicians, expatriate, and businessmen and women. Currently second to Lagos is a fast-growing city in Nigeria. These are a few of the lucrative businesses you can do Nigeria in 2020.

  • Real estate

One area in high demand in real estate. Since we have various categories of people in the city, the demand for accommodation will always be relevant. Since not many people can build a house in the city center you can be rent agents to property owners.

Another way of making money if you have some capital is to buy and build houses in the remote area not far from the city center. With that, you can lease with the company to secure accommodation for the low earning staff.

  • Security business

Security is a top priority world over and Nigeria is not an exception. This is especially true of Abuja. The nation capital. The reason for this is not farfetched as we have the high and the mighty residing in this city. So going into security devices installation is a wealth creation business. You can establish a security firm if you have the fund. Apart from that, you can also go into the installation of CCTV cameras and other security apparatus that can guarantee the lives and property of people.

  • Car hire services
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Another business you can do this year is car hire services especially if you reside in Abuja. This becomes more lucrative if you ply route between major transport stations and the city center. This may be the airport, train stations, and major parks. Some business people and visitors to the city will opt to go for a private car or cab to take them around for the pleasure of business.

  • Car tracking business

Car theft is a serious issue in major cities in Nigeria including Abuja. A successful business means meeting needs. Since we have a lot of expensive cars in Abuja, most owners will want to secure their cars. Going into a car tracking opportunity is a sure way of making your money this year. You can make more money if you can get a contract from corporate bodies.

  • Dry cleaning work

Dry cleaning is a lucrative work that needs small startup capital. Since most people in the metropolis can’t wash their carpet, rugs, and upholstery by themselves, a dry cleaner comes to their rescue. Most people will prepare to contract their dry cleaning needs out to hiring permanent staff. This was due to cost and security.

  • Spa and beauty salon

One business that will not go out of circulation for a long time from now is beauty management. Today, you see people inviting beauticians to their homes, especially during occasions. As expected, home service will be way better than when they visit your salon.

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The health benefit of the spa is one reason people in a place like Abuja will gladly pay for it. So going into such business is going into a gold mine.

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