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100L UNIABUJA student dies after she fell sick in the school

100L UNIABUJA student dies after she fell sick and school clinic couldn’t handle the case

A student of the University of Abuja, Precious Joshua died on Sunday, after she suddenly fell seriously sick and the school clinic couldn’t handle the emergency.

According to reports, the 100 level Biological Sciences student fell sick and was first rushed to the School clinic, but because of the pitiable state of the school clinic they couldn’t handle the urgency of the sickness.

She was rushed to Gwagwalada Teaching hospital, where the doctors tried their best but couldn’t save her. Read a post by one the students below.

“I will speak not of Precious yet.. But to the current peeps in sug and those aspiring should not vex me by using the tragedy for campaign stunts. Where were you all when the clinic which you now claim is not credible enough ran its daily activities. Did you do anything about it? For those aspiring, do you think you only have to be on top to make a difference.

Someone was killed by a gun, everyone rants uniabj is not safe.. Yen yen yen yen..

Uniabj has never been safe.. See the pitiable sight of our hostels.. I almost puked after checking out one of the toilets yesterday hoping I could manage it. All these breed diseases, a guy was hospitalized and advised to keep coming to school from home because his lungs where affected by inhailing what not..

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I remember I laid reports to an sug executive on the bushy place surrounding the most used lecture theatre and classes. I mentioned how frequent snakes were killed in that area especially early in the morning. But it took almost a month before the grasses were cleared. And excuse me.. But the tall one through the shortcut from these classes to the girls hostel were not touched.

What about the picture of the despicable sight of the toilet in the clinic, I sent it to an sug executive knowing this person was present the day I too had to visit the clinic. I remember going to use toilet only to see unwashed toilet and WC in a CLINIC. And I didn’t bother asking if there was another. I just wanted to leave there and Ene came to fetch me.

Uniabj has never been safe… I will defer the admission if I find out that a relative of mine gets admission here.

This is Uniabj.. Biko lemme goan here Rhymzy B’s song; This is Uniabuja.

I just want to graduate and leave una..

Good Morning..
RIP Precious

culled from LIB

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