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The Singles and Married Mega Hangout 2019


So, this is 2019 and the Hangout will be what it has never been. It is the year of the Glory.

Get ready for the spectacular!


Divine intervention
Divine Connections
Miracle Babies

Name it!

We are joined by the amazing WINLOS (The skit couple in faith, fun and facts comedy), Adakole William (music), Emmanuel Ekpo (music), Noella (music), Nectar(Spoken word) and Min Ben(music)

Expect fun, grace and depth!

It is a mega celebration of the Glory!

Relationship And Marriage Outreach

Organizer of The Singles and Married Mega Hangout 2019

We focus on establishing God’s grand design for Relationships and Marriage!
We teach in simple and clear manner, the profound wisdom of God

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