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Tackling Depression Among Young People

The question begging for answer is, why would people engage in desperate acts in a time of somewhat plenty?

About this Event

We live in a time where nobody cares about your means to the top. Where worth or importance have become dependent on what your show. Where everyone online is “doing well”. At the same time, we are hit each day with news of suicide attempts, mental capitulation and even death by the most horrendous of ways. The questions begging for answer is, why would people engage in desperate acts in a time of somewhat plenty?

Depression affects people from all shades of life, no matter the background and can affect both the young and old. It is simply a grave feeling of dejection or despondency. Depression resulting to suicide ranks as the second leading cause of death among people ages 10-34 with over 300 million people around the world suffering from depression.(World Health Organization). It is my thought therefore that no matter the form, depression is a problem especially for young people and if tackled properly, the experiences from ongoing or past depressing moments can become assets to the beholder. We shall hence begin sessions on depression to help and assist young people in this journey to self actualization.

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The attempt of this session is not to judge between wrong or right, good or bad, success or failure rather, to begin a chain reaction with and for young people. I must say that nobody is too important or careful to be depressed.


1. To create a comfortable atmosphere for young depressed people to share experiences with emphasis on how to help create an upward turn to their life’s journey.

2. To help develop the mindset that their vulnerabilities can become assets.

3. To create an ongoing series of sessions/groups so as to continue to assist people who fall into the above categories.


The approach will be primarily interactive between participants and coordinators.

Date And Time

Wed, December 11, 2019

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM


20 Alex Ekwueme Way

Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

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