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Obasanjo attacks Osinbajo, describes TraderMoni as an idiotic programme

The former President also wondered if the money being shared to the traders was appropriated for in the budget.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has taken a swipe at Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

Obasanjo, in his state of the nation address which he issued to newsmen on Sunday, January 20, 2019, criticised the Vice-President for going to various markets to share N10,000.

The former President also wondered if the money being shared to the traders was appropriated for in the budget.

According to the Federal Government, the money given to traders is part of it empowerment programme known as TraderMoni.

Speaking further, Obasanjo said “The other day, the Vice-President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo – a learned man, an enlightened person in all parameters – was seen at various markets in Lagos State and Abuja distributing N10,000 each to market women. What an absurdity! It was indeed an obscene display of executive recklessness and abuse of office.

“Pray, where did the money come from? Was it budgeted for in the appropriation law? In more civilised nations, Osinbajo would have been impeached and prosecuted for gutting our collective treasury.

“What an act by a Senior Advocate of Nigeria lawyer, number 2 man in the Executive hierarchy; and what is more, a pastor of one of the Christian movements led by a revered, respected and upright church leader, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. Osinbajo must have gone for, “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

“A great pity indeed and which makes people ask the questions, “Any hope?” Yes, for me, there is hope. Osinbajo has shown the human weakness and proved the saying that the corruption of the best is the worst form of corruption. His explanation that it was their government programme can only be construed to be very shallow and lopsided, if not an outrightly idiotic programme.

“Traders in rural and sub-urban areas of Nigeria are many more than those in urban areas and they are much poorer than traders in Lagos, Abuja and other cities. They need more attention and greater help. Are they to be confined to the heap of perpetual poverty? What of those who are not traders?

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“ They are not entitled to hand-out and they can languish in penury? And what about millions who have lost their jobs in the last three and a half years? The timing is also suspect. Those who criticise the action are called evil but they are not evil as they know what they are doing and saying, and they love Nigeria and Nigerians not less than the likes of Osinbajo. They are not devils incarnate; they are patriots.

“What is the connection between taking the number of PVC (Permanent Voters Card) of the recipient of the N10,000 doled out to ‘traders’ and the forthcoming election? There is something sinister about it, and Professor Osinbajo, of all people, should know that. With collusion of the INEC officials and card readers not made to work, anybody quoting the PVC number may be allowed to vote as the revised Electoral Bill was not signed. And if that happens all over the country, it will be massive rigging indeed.

“The Chairman of INEC must stand firm and carry out his duties with competence and unbending neutrality. Card readers must be used without fail and accreditation must be completed and number ascertained and made public before voting commences as was done in 2015.”

Obasanjo speaks on security

On the state of security, the former President said that things have worsened under President Buhari.

He also accused the current administration of empowering Boko Haram through the payment of ransom.

“The security situation has deteriorated with kidnapping everywhere and Boko Haram more in action and nobody should deceive Nigerians about this. With the teaming up of Boko Haram and Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP), Boko Haram is stronger today militarily than they have ever been.

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“Boko Haram has also been empowered by the Nigerian government through payment of ransom of millions of dollars which each administration disingenuously always denies.

“With ISIS being liquidated in Iraq and Syria, Africa is now their port of concentration. Soon, they may take over Libya which, with substantial resources, is almost a totally failed state. When that happens, all African countries North of Congo River will be unsafe with serious security problems.

“The struggle must be for all West African, Central African, North African and most East African States. Nigeria has to play a vanguard role in this struggle as we have much to lose. This administration has reached the end of its wit even in handling all security issues, but particularly Boko Haram issue, partly due to misuse of security apparatus and poor equipment, deployment, coordination and cooperation,” Obasanjo added.

Abacha days are back

Calling on Nigerians to pray hard, the former President said that Buhari’s government can be likened to that of former military Head of State, late Gen. Sani Abacha.

Obasanjo also accused the Federal Government of scheming to rig the upcoming elections, citing the allegations levelled against the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Walter Onnoghen and his arraignment as part of the script.

Commends Buhari

The former President also commended Buhari for listening Nigerians and appointing a new Inspector-General of Police (IGP).

Obasanjo however expressed doubt in the ability of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to handle the 2019 elections impartially.

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