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How Sowore stormed the Police HQ in Abuja, secured release of detained journalist

In very high spirits, they sang, cheered, and respectfully aired their intent of taking Samuel back and ensuring he gets his freedom. They were resisted and teargassed by the police.

Undeterred, they stood their ground, stating that they won’t leave until Samuel was released unconditionally.

The force’s PRO, Jimoh Moshood, came out to address them and apologized for the acts of his colleagues. He said their message would be relayed to the Inspector General and he will ensure it reaches a logical end.

This isn’t the first time Sowore will be leading protests and defending the defenseless and voiceless. He has a track record of championing fearless struggles for the common good.

His activism days started at the University of Lagos, where he was a student, at the young age of eighteen. He has led several protests and was a key part of the Abiola/Abacha struggles of the 90s.

Samuel Ogundipe has finally been released. All thanks to Omoyele Sowore, the #TakeItBack movement, and all Nigerians of good faith who joined and supported the movement from different parts of the globe. culled from

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