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A soldier of brutalise his daughter in Abuja

A man has taken to Facebook to accuse a soldier in Abuja of brutalising his daughter after an argument ensued between the pair.

According to man, Tersoo Samson Akula, who has a multi -Purpose shop, the soldier who he named only as one Aloysius serving at Mogadishu Barracks in Abuja, allegedly publicly assaulted his daughter Miss Helen Ngodoo Akula after she asked him to help her pass a bottle that was close to him.

But the soldier who felt he was being disrespected by the request started calling the lady all kinds of derogatory names, and in the process of defending herself, the soldier pounced on her and left her traumatized, Mr. Tersoo said.

The raging father has now vowed that his daughter will get justice for this brutality.

Read what he wrote below.

One Mr. Aloysius soldier serving at the Mogadishu barracks mal handled my dota Miss Helen Ngodoo Akula, today 2/10/18 around 5 pm at Nyanya market all because he could. He molested her and called her all kinds of derogatory names. I have vowed that my daughter will get justice for this brutality. No citizen of this country deserves this treatment talk less an innocent girl, who decided to stand up for right and refused to be intimidated.

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My daughter is highly traumatized.
And I have made her a promise to get her justice!
lets begin here,
Share till it gets to where it should…

In another post, he also explained what led to the brutality.

For those asking What my Daughter did..
We have a shop at Nyanya main market Abuja. Its a multi -Purpose shop, we do tailoring, sell drinks(soft) etc at the shop. Yesterday my daughter went to the shop as usual, she sold a drink to someone, so when she was about to close, she went to get the money and the bottle. According to her, the said Aloysius was sitting in the other persons shop, the guy who owns the shop was not around, and the bottle was behind the seat Aloysius was sitting on. My daughter told him that she wants to get the bottle. He asked her what he should do, she replied that he should pass the bottle to her, since he was closer and also in the path. He replied that who is she a bloody harlot to ask him to pass the bottle to her, she then replied him that she is not a harlot, and won’t be insulted for asking him to pass the bottle she can’t get through him to pick.

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That was when he got up and started beating her. She was rescued by our neighbours at the shop, who identified the soldier as Aloysius, a soldier who is posted at the Mogadishu barracks Abuja.
This testimony is validated by three eye witnesses. I have no reason to doubt my daughter too.

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