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Read This Before You Submit Your Listing

Immediate listing attracts a one time token fee of N5,000 ONLY OR you can wait up to 3 - 6 months on the queue for the free basic listing.

For your Abuja based submission to be accepted for listing, it must meet the guidelines below.


Conditions for Listing a Company/Organization
1. Must be based in Abuja with an Abuja Address.
2. Verifiable physical address
3. Telephone and/or Mobile Number

Abuja Sites/Businesses/Organizations we do not Accept for Listing
1. Affiliate Marketing Sites
2. Scam/419/Mirror sites
3. Websites under construction
4. Sites that promote nudity and pornography
5. Sites/Organizations that promote hate and religious intolerance
6. Sites/Businesses/Organizations that carry out any illegal or unethical activities.

All entries are verified by human editors before inclusion in our database.

If your submission meets the above guidelines, please Click Here to proceed with your submission